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Pantherfelt welding blankets and welding curtains   Pantherfelt welding blankets and curtains
Safety Orange welding blankets and welding curtains
Welding Blankets & Curtains

A Multipurpose Damage Control and Protection Fabric
for All Construction Sites, Machine Shops, and Factories
  • High visibility and awareness
• Establish safety zones and areas
• Conforms to OSHA Regulations
• Reduce general liability insurance
• Improve experience modification ratios

Fiber    Fiberglass
Momentary Service    1,000°F (538°C)
Coating    Weldshed
Weight    16 oz.
Thickness    .017"
Flexibility    Excellent
Electrical    Non-conductive
Chemical    Resistant
Widths    38 in. & 60 in.
Durability    Excellent
Handling    Easy to Cut / No-Tear

Part Number
1 Roll (50yds)
1 Pallet/25 Rolls
2 Pallets/50 Rolls
38" x 50 yds 15W-38 Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing
60" x 50 yds. 15W-60 Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing

  • Spark Control
• Oil Resistant
• Chemical Resistant
• Moisture Resistant
• Flame Resistant
• Corrosion Prevention
• Weathering Protection
• Contamination Prevention

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High temperature aluminized fiberglass sleeving