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Black Silica Technical Data

38B is a heavyweight high strength acid-leached amorphous silica cloth that has been coated with a ceramic black coating. When applied, the black coating enhances the performance characteristics of the silica cloth in abrasion, chemical, and heat resistance. The coated fabric is also capable of providing protection against molten metal splash, welding sparks, and slag. It is intended for use in protection equipment in metal welding and cutting operations. As with all Silica products, the base fabric will withstand temperature up to 1,800°F and will not melt until temperature reach over 3,100°F.

Continuous Temp    1,800°F (982°C)
Melt Temp    3,100°F (1,704°C)

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Will not burn or smolder
  • Will not stretch or shrink
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Highly resistant to molten metals
  • High dielectric strenth/low constants
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Excellent flexibility up to 2,300°F
  • Easy to Fabricate

Silicon Dioxide    97.85%
Titanium Dioxide    0.80%
Aluminum Oxide    0.71%
Calcium Oxide    0.23%
Magnesium Oxide    0.17%
Boric Oxide    0.16%
Sodium Oxide    0.03%
Iron Oxide    0.01%
Zirconium Oxide    0.01%
Chromium Oxide    <0.01%
Copper Oxide    <0.01%
Nickle Oxide    <0.01%

  • Welding screens and curtains
  • Theater and auditorium curtains
  • Fire resistant curtains
  • Grommeted blankets
Applicable Standards: MIL-C-24576A type 1/class 1