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Ultraflx Technical Data
ULTRAFLX HT Treated Silica Fabrics are silica fabrics specially treated to provide higher temperature capability than standard silica fabric. Through a proprietary process, standard silica fabrics are treated to form ULTRAFLX HT Treated Silica Fabrics. Whereas standard silica fabrics allow only intermittant use at 1,800°, HT Treated Silica Fabrics remain strong and flexible at continuous temperatures up to 2,100°F. HT84CH and HT188CH Treated Silica Fabrics can be used or configured as furnace curtains, turbine insulation covers, stress relief blankets, reformer seals, protective screens/covers and expansion joints.HT Treated Silica Fabrics are used extensively in the Furnace, Expansion Joint, Metal Processing and Chemical Process industries

Continuous Temp    2,100°F

  • High Tensile Strength and Outstanding Flexibility
  • Resists Penetration of Molten Metal
  • Fireproof

  1. Roll length is 50 yards, and roll width is 36 inches. Other roll lengths are available.
  2. Nominal areal shrinkage is after one hour at 1800°F (1000°C).
  3. A light hydrocarbon coating is applied for improved handling at low temperature.
  4. HT Treated Silica Fabrics are amporphous silica fabrics, and contain no asbestos or ceramic fibers.